Man dreaming girl

The girl got 170,000 likes on instagram, and having such a healthy and charming figure would really make men fascinated.

从背影来看,女孩的身材更是无与伦比的完美。高高的个子匀称又柔和。特别是她的腰臀比,非常符合男人梦中情人的形象,再加上她长有一头瀑布般的秀发,very very beautiful!

From the back view, the girl’s figure is unparalleled perfect. The tall ones are well-proportioned and soft. In particular, her waist-to-hip ratio is very much in line with the image of a man’s dream lover, plus she has a waterfall-like hair, very very beautiful!

再看这位美女,在the CHIVE上有30万个点赞。一头乌黑的秀发,跟她健康的肤色很相配。她的胸部饱满又坚挺,而她的腹部平坦又坚实。她的腿部线条又非常好看,完全是男人眼里的梦中人。

Look at this beauty again, there are 300,000 likes on the CHIVE. Her dark hair matched her healthy complexion. Her chest is full and firm, and her belly is flat and firm. The lines of her legs are very beautiful, and she is completely a man’s dream.


Like fitness, love creation, willing to explore and pursue happiness.


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